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Railroad Track Construction

Clearing your existing location, surveying, installing subgrade, ballast rock, railroad ties, plates, rail, track switches/turnouts, railroad crossings, bump posts, and much more!

Your company can purchase its own material & save some. But we encourage you to let us buy it for you because we have established material-supplier connections at discounted rates, the equipment and expertise for proper material handling, and we make sure the material arrives on time, and is the correct size and weight.

Railroad Track Construction
Railroad Track Construction

We provide only what is needed. We’re trained to be frugal and resourceful. We will offer you used material before new, and discuss other saving measures with you.

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Maintenance, Repair, & Emergencies

Taking care of small trackwork problems before they turn into big ones and there when you need us in an emergency.

On-call 24x7, 365 days per year. Derailments, Car re-rails, Railroad shut downs, and other rail mishaps. Call (303) 485-1704 .
Railroad Track Maintnenace
Railroad Track Maintenance
Replacing worn, damaged, broken rail and railroad ties.
 Building up sinking track.
 Building up trackwork foundations.
 Cleaning, adjusting, lubricating, replacing parts on switches.
 Gauging track—adjusting rails so that the inside sides of each rail measures to 56 - ½” or your own yard gauge. Correcting track cross level.
 Stopping shifting track.
Paving railroad crossing for “the smooth driving experience”, replacing concrete panels or wood crossing panels.
 Hauling railroad material.
 Installing drainage pipe.
 Railroad anchor replacement & much more!

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Labor & Equipment Supply

We can provide skilled labor and full service equipment to assist your workforce or stand alone.

Track Design

Surveying your location for grade, elevation, drainage, weight, frequency of use, cost, time, and safety to generate the optimum design and installation of a trackwork structure. Well put together a hand-written design or a computer aided one.

Track Inspections

Sending an experienced trackman to your site to walk your track, locate trackwork deficiencies, and send you a track inspection report. Some customers have us automatically set on regular inspections.

Track Surfacing

Providing railroad equipment to raise sections of rail and mechanically tamp/vibrate the ballast beneath the ties to provide maximum track compaction. While tamping, we can align both rails to matching elevation. Finally, we'll mechanically broom/bring together the loose ballast along the track for further compaction and to provide that uniform track appeal.

Railroad Track Surfacing
Railroad Track Surfacing
Railroad Track Surfacing
Railroad Track Surfacing


Track & Tie Pickup, Disposal, or Purchase

Removing abandoned/old/unused railroad tracks and properly disposing of the waste material at Certified Tie Disposal Facilities. If there’s any valuable material, we’ll save & stockpile it or keep it and offer you credit.

Snow Removal

Removing snow with heavy equipment, hand shoveling snow, deicing switches, providing ice melt or salt for your intermodal yard, office or rail yard.

Snow Removal


Fencing & Weed Cutting

Fencing—Removing and disposing of old fencing, providing and installing new fencing along the right of way to keep cows and other animals off the tracks.

Weed Cutting—Weed and brush cutting along the right of way.

These services are provided as a bid or on an hourly rate

We go to your job site, assess the work the needs to be done and send you a written bid.
We provide you with our labor and equipment hourly rates. This is useful in an emergency-type situation where there's no or little time for a bid. We'll quickly and carefully mobilize to your job site, document each hour of labor and equipment used, and send you an invoice along with the backup of hours used.

On-call 24x7, 365 days per year

Derailments, Car re-rails, Railroad shut downs, and other rail mishaps.